WHAT IS the forsyth promise?

Building on the accomplishments and lessons learned from previous efforts in our community, The Forsyth Promise is a diverse partnership that unites our community's efforts and ideas on education. We shine a light a light on what's working well for kids, focus on common goals and outcomes, and align our community's resources and practices to ensure the best educational outcomes for Forsyth County's children.

The Forsyth Promise is a member of the national StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network. The national Cradle to Career Network was launched as a way to connect communities who are building cradle to career civic infrastructure using the StriveTogether Framework. The Network enables members like The Forsyth Promise to share expertise, identify and adapt best practices, and develop effective tools and resources that can be brought to bear on specific challenges.

Each of us has a reason to care about the success of each child –
they will grow up to work in our community, create new businesses, teach our children, care for us when we are sick, and pay taxes to keep Forsyth County growing.
— Reverend Prince Raney Rivers and Jill Tackabery, Co-Chairs, The Forsyth Promise Executive Team

The work of The Forsyth Promise is guided by the StriveTogether Theory of Action. LEARN MORE